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RMB18,000-22,000 Monthly after tax| Oral English teachers, K12 Job Descriptions: Teaching children’s age 1.5-6ye...
Oral English teachers, K12
Job Descriptions:
Teaching children’s age 1.5-6years
Work time: 8:30AM-5:00PM Monday to Friday
School Type: Montessori kindergarten
Job Requirements:
English native speaker
Bachelor degree or above
Teaching certificate (TEFL /TESOL /ESL /TESL) or more than 2 years English teaching experience
Montessori certificate(AMS /AMI /MCI) (Lead teacher position needed)
Salary and Benefits
A competitive salary
Assistant teacher without Montessori license:
RMB18,000-22,000 Monthly after tax + 7000 yearly flight allowance
Experienced Montessori teacher (AMS, AMI)
RMB22,000-35,000 Monthly after tax + 10000 yearly flight allowance
Opportunities for professional development (we have our own Montessori training center)
Work visa provided (Only for qualified teachers)
Professional development
School lunch provided
School bus provided (between school and the nearest subway)
Local medical insurance
Paid holidays
October National Holiday-1 week
Qingming Festival -1 day
Dragon Boat Festival-1 day
Labor Day-1 day
Christmas Day-1 week
New Year’s Day-1 day
Chinese New Year-2 weeks (One week public holiday, one week extra holiday)
Summer Holiday-2 weeks (Should apply according to campus schedule, at least 1 month in advance; July-Aug)
East City Dongcheng District Room305-306, Building E1, Oriental Plaza, No 1, East Chang'an Ave, Dongcheng
ID:254347 | 2019/08/09/08点
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