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    Job requirements:
    1. The English language, with an international school working experience will be preferred
    2. 2 years of experience in teaching, online big class teaching skills is preferred
    3. The education related certificate (undergraduate course, TESOL, TEFL, TKT)
    4. Love education industry job

    1. The collective lesson preparation, and to give children aged between 6 and 12 years online large class
    2. Participate in the training/research work
    3. To participate in the activities of the organization or project
    ID:249771| 2019/01/17/09点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    16,000 - 20,000 RMB
    Need ESL teacher ASAP - Location in Kunming, China - Up to $3000 monthly
    Position details:
    - Mandarin lesson provided
    - Teach all ages of students, mostly from 3-12
    - Small class size of 4-6 students
    - 5 working days per week, available on weekend
    - Working hours per week: 35 (30 Classes + non-teaching); 40 min per class
    School Profile:
    - We are one of the largest and most respected training centers in China.
    - Founded in 2011, i2 provides internationalized education to tens-of-thousands of students in an all-foreign-teacher environment.
    - Having more than 92 campuses over 18 cities ...
    ID:255104| 2019/10/19/10点
  • Hebei Jobs > EDU
    International Trade Manager in Cangzhou Hebei province. I am from Pakistan. I have 3 Years' Experience in Marketing in Pakistan.i can speak International Language English our National Language Urdu and also my mother tongue Pashto.
    PT | Cangzhou Jobs | Syed Mufasser Shah
    ID:255100| 2019/10/18/16点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    16000-24000 rmb per month before tax
    Shanghai bilingual Kindergarten
    Job title: Kindergarten homeroom teacher
    Contract period: Aug 15th 2019-July 2020
    Salary range: 16000-24000 rmb/m before tax
    7000 rmb/m after tax for housing allowance
    Working hours: 7:45 am to 4:15 pm Mon to Fri
    up to 10000 rmb for airfare allowance after the contract ends
    provide work visa and resident permit
    Holiday: both winter and summer vacation will be paid fully
    Key Responsibilities:
    Teaching in English across the subject areas in the designated grade;
    Providing the curriculum where inquiry and higher-level thinking skills drives the learning;
    Suzhou Jobs | Suzhou Unique Resources and Service
    ID:255097| 2019/10/18/09点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    23,000 RMB
    Literature teacher needed in Suzhou
    Compensation and Benefits:
    - Base salary: 23,000 RMB upward based on qualification and experience
    - Housing allowance: 3,000 RMB
    - Medical Insurance provided
    - Free meals
    - Holidays, sick leave and personal leave paid
    - Paid winter holiday (1 year contract) or both summer and winter holiday paid (for 1,5 year or two year contract)
    - Legal working visa provided
    - Flight reimbursement: 10,000 RMB
    Potential candidates:
    - Hold Bachelor's Degree
    - Native Speaker of English
    - Have at least 1 year English Literature Experience
    - Be able to start worki...
    ID:255096| 2019/10/18/09点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    16k to 25k after tax
    English Native Teacher Needed @International Kindergarten Around Rongjingdongjie Yizhuang Line Beijing
    Looking for English native international kindergarten teacher around Rongjingdongjie yizhuang line Beijing
    Job description:
    Class responsibilities and details:
    -You will be the head teacher of your class, and you will have three full-time Chinese assistants to help you.
    -Each class has 15 students. (Less at the beginning )
    -The children in the class range from 4to 6 years old
    -We provide an easy to follow curriculum, although you are free to adapt it according to your own teaching s...
    ID:255087| 2019/10/17/10点
  • Sichuan Jobs > EDU
    20-30k rmb/month
    AP Calculus Teacher Needed in Chengdu 20k-30k
    International Department of Chengdu No. 7 Middle School
    AP calculus teacher
    Age group: Grades 10-12
    Job Description:
    Teaching Calculus strictly according to the AP program syllabus to Chinese students who are preparing for undergraduate study at university in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia
    1.A Bachelor's or Master's degree in the related field;
    2. Must be a native English speaker (National policy requirements for passport processing) with natural accent and clear pronunciation;
    3.A TESOL/TESL/TEFL qualification; ...
    ID:255086| 2019/10/17/10点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    RMB 12,000-15,000 per
    Native English Teachers (Full Time) needed.
    Desired Qualifications for Prospective Candidates:
    - Native English speakers
    - Professional language teaching experience, 2 years minimum
    - Professional language teaching certificate (TEFL, TESOL etc.)
    - The positions are available for English language instructors, teaching children aged from 3 to 15
    Responsibilities and Remuneration for full-time teachers are as follows:
    - Work Visa provided
    - Salary between RMB 12,000-15,000 per calendar month
    - Basic medical insurance
    - Paid national holidays and summer/winter holiday
    - All course books...
    ID:255079| 2019/10/16/11点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    Kindergarten Teacher Needed
    Native English Speaking Teachers Wanted
    — Full time/ Part time English teacher in Kunming
    —-Teaching English to Kindergarten kids (3-6years old)
    —- Command excellent communication skills
    —- At least two-year teaching experience in China
    —- Enjoy being with kids
    —- Passionate about education and interested in cross-cultural teaching
    —-Ability to work within a team, team player
    —- American/Canadian/British preferred
    —-Educational background is preferred
    Compensation & Benefit
    Full time position
    Monthly pay
    Four ...
    ID:255078| 2019/10/16/10点
  • Maximum 20,000 RMB
    Homeroom teachers needed in the Romantic city of China - Dalian Enjoy beautiful beaches with the at
    Location: Dalian city
    The city is well-known for its squares, fountains, gardens and beaches. Dalian also has a reputation for its football, hosting many national competitions and having the most successful team in China.
    What makes Dalian unique?
    Very famous for its beaches, great on your days off from teaching English
    Also well-known for its squares, fountains, gardens
    Has won awards for ‘Best Tourist City’ and ‘Best Environment’
    Binhai Road, a 22-mile stretch of coast, is a wonderf...
    ID:255077| 2019/10/15/10点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    18,000+ RMB per month
    Job Details:
    1. Job Title:Full-time English teacher
    2. Working Hours:8.00 - 17.00
    3. Homeroom Teacher,Stay with kids the whole day. There are two Chinese will help for teaching, one teacher help for take care of kids.
    4. Students’ Age: 3 to 5 years old
    5. Contract length: 1 or 2 years From 15 Aug

    Job requirements:
    1. Native English Speaker,non-native is not acceptable
    2. Arrive time: Aug
    3.Degree: Bachelor at least. Major in education or English Language. Graduate from top school in his own country
    4. Teaching experience: over 2 years or TEFL、TESOL、CELTA、PGCE
    5. No more than 40 ye...
    Suzhou Jobs | Suzhou Unique Resources and Service
    ID:255075| 2019/10/15/09点
  • 13k
    Kids Training Center in Beautiful Costal City, Dalian,Liaoning Province Needs foreign teachers
    1.Salary is around 13k with single apartment depending on teacher’s experience or more
    2. 3.Kid’s age from 4-14 y.o
    4.Class size: 8-10 kids
    Starting time : asap
    Working hrs : Monday off ; Tue – Fri : 5pm – 7:30 pm; Wed : 1pm – 7:30 pm;
    Weekend : 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
    - Clear Accent
    - Active teaching style
    ID:255074| 2019/10/14/17点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    16,000-20,000 rmb per month before tax
    vacancies: 2
    ESL teacher for kindergarten students, ( have to teach in 2 classrooms)
    class size: max of 25 students in each class,
    salary: 16,000-20,000 rmb/m before tax ,
    housing: 2000 rmb/m for housing allowance,
    have to work from 8 am to 5 pm from Mon to Fri,
    1 hour for lunch,
    1 hour for class planning in the afternoon,
    summer and winter vacations during contract period will be fully paid,
    all chinese public holidays will be paid,
    provide work visa and paid insurance for teachers,
    what we prefer:
    English native speakers age between 25-50 Y/O,
    Bachelor's degree or above,
    At least 2 years' re...
    Suzhou Jobs | Suzhou Unique Resources and Service
    ID:255073| 2019/10/14/09点

  • Work in free time
    PT | Hangzhou Jobs | Richa
    ID:255072| 2019/10/13/21点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    18k - 23k Native
    ESL Teacher Needed
    Teachers Needed NOW
    location: Beijing, citycenter.
    Age Group: Kindergarten
    Work Days: Monday - Friday 8:00-11:30am 2:00-5:00pm
    Weekends: OFF
    Total Hours: Under 40 a week
    Free breakfast and lunch
    Group Size: 15-20kids MAX
    Salary : 18k - 23k Native
    12k-16k Non native
    Housing: 2000 or FREE
    BONUS: Contract End
    Visa: work visa
    ID:255063| 2019/10/11/14点
  • 12-20K
    Location: Xiaoshan,Hangzhou
    Position:English Teacher
    Type of School:Training Center
    Schedule:two days off on week days, less than 20teaching hours/week,40 working hours in total
    Students age:3-12
    Class size:12maximum
    Other benefits:
    1. Free single apartment or housing allowance
    2.11 Paid holiday
    3. work visa provided
    4.3000RMB ticket allowance after 1 year contract
    5.monthly team building activities
    1. Native tone pronunciation
    2. Bachelor degree or above
    3. At least two years teaching experience on children...
    ID:255061| 2019/10/11/11点
  • 15,000 - 22,000 RMB
    Foreign English teacher needed in kindergarten(15000-22000 benifits)
    【Job Description】
    Work Type: Full Time(Monday--Friday)
    Position: Kindergarten English Teacher
    Job location: Hangzhou and xiamen, China
    Students age range: 2-6
    •Bachelor degree or above in early childhood education or other related field.
    •Two years teaching experience strongly preferred.
    •TESOL Certification is a plus.
    •First AD and CPR certification preferred.
    •Native English speakers from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.
    •Be able to pass a background check.
    •Be able...
    ID:255059| 2019/10/11/11点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    20,000 to 23,000 RMB per month
    Main Responsibilities
    -starting date: ASAP
    -Maximum of 20 teaching hours per week
    -Maximum of 20 admin hours per week
    -Class sizes: 10 to 15 students
    -Student ages: 5 to 12 years old
    -5 working days per week, Monday&Tuesday off
    -Counseling students by providing constructive feedback
    - Evaluate students’ personal growth, maintain appropriate records, and prepare student progress reports
    -Participation in Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)
    -Lesson planning, creating course outlines
    -Deliver classes in a professional and creative way

    -Highly competitive salary: 20,000 to 23,000 ...
    Suzhou Jobs | Suzhou Unique Resources and Service
    ID:255057| 2019/10/11/09点
  • 16000RMB - 16000RMB /month
    Teach Math or Science in Middle School in Futian District, Shenzhen, 16000RMB AFTER TAX, start in October 2019
    To Apply visit this link:
    We are looking for one native English speaker to work as our math teacher in primary school, located in Futian district, Shenzhen, start in October 2019. We welcome dynamic and qualified teachers to apply this job.

    Job Description:
    * Teach math and science
    * You are required to teach middle school students
    * Students age are from 12-15 years old
    * Class size: no more ...
    FT/PT Possible | Guangzhou Jobs | Guangzhou Sanyang Consulting
    ID:255049| 2019/10/10/21点
  • 20000RMB - 20000RMB /month
    Teach English in Kindergarten in Panyu district, Guangzhou, 20000RMB per month with Z visa, start in December 2019
    To Apply visit this link:
    This kindergarten is located in Panyu district, Guangzhou. We welcome to see qualified and passionate candidate's application Welcome to join U's

    Job Description
    * Teach English
    * You are required to teach kindergarten students
    * Students age are from 3-6 years old
    * Material is provided

    * The base salary is 20000 RMB per month
    * The accommodation ...
    FT/PT Possible | Guangzhou Jobs | Guangzhou Sanyang Consulting
    ID:255050| 2019/10/10/21点
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