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Foreign Teachers
1. To teach children aged 3-6 years old in Xi’an in a full time capacity.
2. To cooperate with Chinese teachers to make class plans, goals for each term, make and implement indoor/outdoor teaching plans;
3. To observe and record children's daily learning, complete pupils’ individual reports and finish monthly reports and records.
4. To build the essential relationships with children, parents and colleagues alike, and communicate with parents regularly and effectively.
5. To cooperate with Chinese teachers to hold regular class meetings, parents’ meetings and deal with open days, make activity plans and complete activity summaries;
6. To evaluate pupils’ development accurately according to EYFS.
7. To cooperate with student recruitment.
1. No criminal record and good physical and mental health;
2. Foreign teachers whose mother tongue is English or with outstanding skills in English as a second language;
3. Knowledge of the British EYFS and or Key Stage 1 and specialist qualifications in those areas of the curriculum is an advantage;
4. Outstanding graduates at Bachelor Level or above with talents and interests in any number of activities. It may be advantageous to have studied education, psychology, pre-school education, music, dance, or art, and have more than two years' appropriate work experiences;
5. A TEFL or TESOL certificate would be welcome;
6. Teaching experience in China is an advantage, but not essential;
7. Have good cooperation and communication skills, affinity, respect for individual differences, initiative and strong sense of responsibility;
8. Love educating children and identify with the education values of the school.
Xian Room 1205, Building A, Mole Collection Centers, Crossroad | Xi’an Leading UK Education Technology Co., Ltd
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