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$3,200 + $1,000| MUSIC TEACHER FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN Wenzhou. TAKE HOME $3,200 + $1,000 hou...
MUSIC TEACHER FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN Wenzhou. TAKE HOME $3,200 + $1,000 housing allowance
Following is the great package we offer
- Salary + housing allowance: 19 000 RMB- 24 000 RMB-
- Housing allowance: 5,000 RMB
- Airfare reimbursement of 12000 RMB after finishing the contract
- Lunch provided
- All national holiday paid
- Winter and Summer Vacation paid
- 8 days of full paid sick leave valid within a one-year employment contract
- The school will apply and pay for the initial work visa to travel to China, then the work
and residence permits when in China
- Medical Insurance provided
Job details
- Student level: Primary school
- Working hours: from Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)
- 2 days off on the weekend
- First two weeks allocated for orientation and preparation
Requirements for teachers
- Bachelor degree holders major in music
- At least 1 year experience teaching in Music as verified by references
- Passionate and willing to relocate to Wenzhou and start working immediately (should be in China now)
About our organization!
- We are one of the biggest Education Groups located in Shanghai
- Since establishment in 1993, we have always been adhering to the student-oriented concept of “East Meets West” and the development strategy of collectivization school-running driven by science and research.
- We provide our students with a comprehensive 15-year education system covering kindergarten to senior high school,dedicated to the all-round and sustainable development of both mentality and physique of students.
- Please kindly send your:
1, Cover letter - CV
2, Bachelor degree
3, Teaching certificate/ Teaching license
4, Reference letter from your previous school(s)
To our HR department via email
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