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12,000 – 15,000 RMB| Kindergarten class teacher wanted in Nanning Location: Nanning, Guangxi Sch...
Kindergarten class teacher wanted in Nanning
Location: Nanning, Guangxi
School type: Kindergarten
Salary: 12,000 – 15,000 RMB
Number of open positions: 1
Start date: February 2020
Working hours: 08:00 – 12:00 14:40 – 18:00 from Monday to Friday, 5 hours of teaching hours per week
General Requirements:
*Bachelor degree or above and recognized TEFL / TESOL qualification(if any)
*Two years' experience in teaching/training as a class teacher or teacher of English (early-childhood education background preferred).
*Good health, energetic, open-minded, nice and patient, love and feel comfortable staying with young children.
Main Responsibilities:
*Create long-term and short-term schemes of work and lesson plans to the classes you are assigned to teach within the context of the organization's plans and curriculum in order to achieve target levels of children’s progress and attainment;
*Manage and maintain a safe, engaging and friendly learning environment;
*Evaluate and monitor children’s learning needs, progress and achievements; record their performance and make suggestions for improvement
If you are interested please send your CV to email or add me on WeChat
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