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1800 to 2400 USD per month| ESL Instructors Every ESL teacher hired by CAEC is done so directly. This means...
ESL Instructors
Every ESL teacher hired by CAEC is done so directly. This means you are brought in under our corporate umbrella and protected by U.S state and Federal laws. You get paid twice a month (like us in the office!), are given health insurance (we pay for it!), around-the-clock support, and connected to a teaching opportunity that will change you forever! Here are the details:
-Manage and educate students in a classroom setting
-Develop and implement engaging lesson plans
-Adhere to established teaching curriculum
-Maintain positive relationships with students and parents
-Document and share student grades and evaluations
-Maintain the health and safety of all students
-Previous experience in teaching/mentoring/coaching (in-classroom or otherwise i.e. corporate/volunteer work) is preferred
-Strong organizational and time management skills
-Ability to build rapport with students
-Excellent written and verbal communication skills
-Strong leadership qualities
Requirements (Non-Negotiable):
-Bachelor’s degree required
-The assignment is (1) year in length.
-Authorization to work in the United States (All ESL teachers under our company umbrella are U.S employees)
-Work verification, background checking, and 10-panel drug test required.
-Please note this job is for teaching abroad - relocation is part of the deal!
- 1800 to 2400 USD per month (based on experience)
- Free Housing
- Free Insurance (Does not come out of your paycheck. We cover it!)
- Dual support staff from both the U.S and China
- Free Teacher Training up front (**Done online with our Distance Learning Director, Manya. She is awesome!**)
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