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18,000-28,000RMB/M| No.1 position: Kindergarten ESL teacher needed in Foshan city, Guangdong provinc...
No.1 position: Kindergarten ESL teacher needed in Foshan city, Guangdong province
1.Nationality: Native and non-native are both acceptable
2.Education Background: Bachelor degree
3.Gender: No gender limitation
4.Experience: 2 years or above kindergarten classroom teacher experience or English teaching experience
5.Contract term: 11 months contract
6.Age: Under the age of 40
Job descriptions:
1.Teaching English to kids aged 3-6years old;
2.Classroom teacher;
3. Working Time: Monday to Friday from 7:45am to11:45am and from 3:00pm to 5:45pm;
4.Saturday and Sunday are off work time;
5、.Class size: 25-40;
Salary and benefits:
1.Monthly salary: 18,000-28,000RMB/M before tax, depending on qualification and experience;
2.Housing allowance: 1,600 RMB;
3.Airfare allowance: 8,000RMB a year after fulfillment of the one-year contract;
4.Performance Bonus 6,000-10,000 RMB on the last day of the Academic Year.
5.Free breakfast and lunch in the Kindergarten’s canteen on work days;
6.Free health service in the Kindergarten clinic.
7.Holidays: Chinese public holidays; Winter Holiday;
9.Contract Renewal Bonus: 5,000RMB
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