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11,000 to 18,000 RMB| Foreign Teachers for Kids, Start Job details: Job title: Foreign English teac...
Foreign Teachers for Kids, Start
Job details:
Job title: Foreign English teacher
School type: Public school; kindergarten
Location: Guangdong(south China)
About the class: Kids age from 3 to 6, about 25 kids in a class
Bilingual co-teacher: There is a bilingual co-teacher in a class
Work day: from Monday through Friday with 2 days weekend off; 2 hours lunch break per work day;
Working hours: 40 working hours per week, not all the working hours are teaching hours; A personal time schedule will be provided by the school before starting
Main responsibility: Teach kids lessons; organize games and activities for kids; take care of kids
The school will give you the textbook. You may follow the instructions on the textbook.
The Salary Package:
Help with Z work visa as a teacher
Salaries range from 11,000 to 18,000 RMB and is based on qualification, degree, teaching experience, & teaching certification.
About 10 days Paid National holidays.
5000 RMB holiday bonus after finish the contract( The contract length: 1 year)
Private Furnished apartment provided
Two free meals offered by the school
Free pre-job training
Medical and accident insurance
Airport pick-up and continuous support
Registration and enrollment assistance, pre-departure material, an ongoing support
For more information, please contact us directly. It will be highly appreciated if you mentioned this website when contacting us.
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