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RMB8,000-11,000 per month.| University ESL teacher-Dongguan Job description: Location: Dongguan, Guangdon...
University ESL teacher-Dongguan
Job description:
Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China. .
Contract Term: one academic year, Aug 29. 2020-1 July. 2021
Work Days: Monday to Friday, weekend off.
Work Hours: 18 teaching periods ( 40 mins each)
Remuneration and Benefits:
Salary RMB8,000-11,000 per month.
<RMB8,000 for bachelor degree, RMB9,500 for master degree, RMB11,000 for doctor degree>.
RMB8,000 travel allowance upon completion of contract.
RMB300 food allowance per month, RMB700 allowance for teachers’ day.
Free on-campus accommodation: usually an apartment with a bed room, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Necessary living facilities are provided, such as washing-machine, refrigerator, air-conditioner, hot water heater, computer, free access to campus net, etc.
Comprehensive medical and accident insurance while you are employed in China.
Fully paid 11 days public holiday in China. Winter vacation with pay scheduled by the university. Paid summer vacation upon contract renewal.
Airport pick up and settle down service.
Bachelor's degree at least.
At least 2 year’s English teaching experience or with a TESOL, TEFL or ESL certificate.
Native English speaker required.
Please contact us as above, along with your resume, thank you.
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