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12k-25k| Requirements: -English native speakers  -bachelor degree or above - teaching ...
-English native speakers 
-bachelor degree or above
- teaching experience (If you have special talent, the above standard could be extended the limitation).
-The subject teacher is highly preferred

Treatment : 
1. Can provide 12000~25000 RMB/month (it depends on your abilities and qualifications)
2. Free meals and private accommodations at school.
3. Free trip tickets in China between our company to school.
4. System of teaching training.
5. Airport pick-up and welcome dinner.
6. Airport seeing-off after the completion of the program.
7. This is a full time job and you sign the contract with our company directly.
8. Airfare allowance upon the completion of contract

Adding me:
Whatsapp: +8615123800772
Skype: + 8615123800772
Chaoyang District in Chaoyang ,Beijing | Beijing risunhongwen International Culture
ID:254125 | 2019/07/23/10点
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