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yearly salary of 200,000RMB to 300,000RMB| INTERESTING ROLE! A top end service company is looking for an English afternoon ...
INTERESTING ROLE! A top end service company is looking for an English afternoon tea chef in Chaoyang District, Beijing starting immediately.

This fantastic position is available to candidates with professional experience preparing all aspects of afternoon tea, including but not limited to: Coffee and Tea preparation, Competent with preparing and serving a comprehensive range of afternoon tea cakes and snacks as well as refreshments and fine touches which accompany a top end afternoon tea arrangement for high end clients.

This position requires candidates to:

1. Be familiar with the British Culture, the English Afternoon Tea culture and familiar with the making procedure, the varieties, ingredients and concoction of the English Afternoon Tea & Coffee and be able to finish the making process independently.
2. Hold excellent knowledge of the English Afternoon Tea Cakes varieties and making process. Related degree and qualification certificate preferred, at least 2 years of related working experience in specific preparation of professional afternoon tea setups.

Offering a yearly salary of 200,000RMB to 300,000RMB depending on your qualifications and experience. Housing near the working location is provided. Social insurance will be offered during the period you are working. 20 days of paid vacation every year. Additional bonus will be offered at the end of the year.

The working schedule is 8 hours a day, working at weekends is required, one day off during the weekdays per week. 15 days of probation.

At least 1 year contract should be signed. Preference will be given to those willing to sign 3-5 year contract.

If you are interested in this position, please log in our website and apply.

Salary: ¥16000 - 25000(RMB) Chinese Yuan per month
Accommodation: Provided
Working hours: 8 hours a day, one day off during the weekdays
Location: Chaoyang, Beijing
Positions available: 2
Nearest Metro: Tuanjie Lake Station
Chaoyang District Chaoyang | Find Work Abroad
ID:213842 | 2014/07/09/14点
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