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13,000 a Month | 3br
REF:256246 | Posted on 20-01-14
Yansha, Chaoyang Park, Embassy area, Wang Jing and airport and Guo Mao(CBD)
hutong house in dongsishitiao area near subway
Tuan jie hu Subway
Sanlitun (bar street. Taikooli.SOHO.Yashow)
13000 | 3br
REF:256229 | Posted on 20-01-13
Dong Zhi Men Subway
Landscape,near east 4th ring road in Lido area
Indigo,subway station, Chaoyang Park, CBD(GuoMao), Embassay area, Wang Jing and Airport
Lai Tai and Nu Renjie (Ladies' Street)-Lai Tai Women's Street
3500/m | 1br
REF:256207 | Posted on 20-01-11
east 4th ring road in Lido area
14000rmb | 3br
REF:256206 | Posted on 20-01-11
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