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16000-24000 rmb per month before tax| Reputed bilingual kindergarten in Zhoupu, Pudong District, Shanghai needs 1 teac...
Reputed bilingual kindergarten in Zhoupu, Pudong District, Shanghai needs 1 teacher

starting time: either ASAP or anytime before Oct.
job title: kindergarten homeroom teacher
salary range: 16000-24000 rmb/m before tax,
7000 rmb/m after tax for housing allowance,
working hours: 7:45 am to 4:15 pm Mon to Fri,
up to 10000 rmb for airfare allowance after the contract ends,
provide work visa and resident permit,
holiday: both winter and summer vacation will be paid fully,
class size: less than 20 students in each class,
each class will have 2 chinese teachers and another daycare worker.

Key Responsibilities:
Teaching in English across the subject areas in the designated grade;
Providing the curriculum where inquiry and higher-level thinking skills drives the learning;
Effectively managing a class where a welcoming, safe environment is created;
Working effectively within team settings;
Contributing to school development.

applicants must be english native speakers with bachelor's degree,
TEFL/TESOL certificate,
can provide background check,

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me:
E-mail:; Skype: alina_zhang616; Whatsapp: +8613625299473; Wechat: 13625299473
| IB middle school in Guangzhou needs Science t
ID:255693 | 2019/11/19/10点
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