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10000-18000RMB| Grades: 1-6(Primary School) 7-9 (Middle School ) 10-12(High School) Locati...
1-6(Primary School) 7-9 (Middle School ) 10-12(High School)
English Teacher positions available, in Beijing
Salary & Benefits:
1. Monthly Salary:
10000-14000RMB (Primary School)
12000 -18000 RMB(Middle School & High School)
2. Working hours:
Monday through Friday
No more than 24 teaching hours per week with small class sizes
Office hours
No more than 40 working hours per week in total
3. Accommodation:
Foreign teachers are provided with furnished apartments on campus.
4. Other:
Visa costs paid
Round-trip tickets or airfare subsidy once per year
Relevant professional training provided
Accident insurance provided
High School English teacher will teach comprehensive English, Literature reading and academic writing.
Primary School English teacher will teach students oral English, including English stories, phonics etc.
Native English speaker
Bachelor’s degree or higher
TEFL/TESOL certificate or experience with ETS or AP teaching a plus
Over 2 years’ working experience in ESL teaching
Responsible, outgoing, friendly, hardworking and easy to work with
Contact Information:
International Teacher Department
; (send to this email if you really cannot send emails successfully)
Skype: doris666777
Telephone: 18500297067
Wechat: doris678678
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