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12 000 to 20 000 RMB based on experience| International Kindergarten Teacher We are an international kindergarten located...
International Kindergarten Teacher
We are an international kindergarten located in the south of Kunming looking for English-speaking Home Room Teachers. As a joint venture between European and Chinese businesses the school is run using professional international management standards that aim to provide the teachers, children and parents with happiness and support.
We are looking for teachers starting after the Chinese New Year who love working with children and are interested to further keep increasing their knowledge and develop professionally.
Job Requirements:
• Must love working with the children
• Show interest in education and teaching children
• Team-player
• Minimum Bachelor degree from universities overeas (preferably in Education, Nursing, Nutrionist, Early Childhood education or related fields)
Job Description:
• Taking care of a class of up to twenty children in a kindergarten
• Teaching children through project based methods on daily basis
• Working with other class teachers as a cohesive team
• Communicating with parents about their children
Sample Job Package (each job offer has an individualised job package based on the candidates needs and experience):
• Wages: 12 000 to 20 000 RMB based on experience
• End of Contract Bonus
• Professional Development Grant
• Free family members’ school tuition
• Work visa provided
If you are interested please send your CV to Mario at email.
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