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12-20k| [Lightning]Native ESL teachers or European teaches needed in a big Training cent...
[Lightning]Native ESL teachers or European teaches needed in a big Training center in Yichun city, Jiangxi Province
Job Description:
Working time:: Weekends, and 3pm-8:30pm from Wednesday to Friday
Remuneration and Benefits:
1. Salary: 12k-15k(non-native) 16k--20k per month (native)
2. Accommodation: provided by school (single appartment)
3. Meals: lunch provided by school
4. Vacations: fully paid winter vacations and one-month paid summer vacation if he/she extends the contract
5. Holidays: full paid Chinese public holidays
6. Airfare Allowance: Yes
7. Insurance: health insurance bought by school
8. Work Visa: school helps with work permit, foreign expert certificate and residence permit
9. Free Gym Annual Card
10. Expected onboarding time: June
❕Only teachers who are qualified for applying Z visa are acceptable

Please give me a video of brief introduction and your cv If you could start work ASAP
Contact me if interested
ID:252803 | 2019/05/13/22点
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