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13500-19500 CNY per month| Looking for ESL teacher in Tianjin of China, Z visa provided **Location**: Tian...
Looking for ESL teacher in Tianjin of China, Z visa provided
**Location**: Tianjin of China
**Vacancy**: 8
**Salary**: 13500-19500 CNY per month depending on experience and qualifications(this amount includes the apartment allowance)
**Required fields of expertise**: Elementary, ESL to Children, Kindergarten and/or High School.
**Job specifications**
* Teaching children from ages 3-12yo
* Helping the students improve the oral English skills and creating the English environment for the students
* Collaborating closely with the teachers to help the students to make the progress
* Interactive, modern teaching facilities
* 40 work hours per week (25 teaching hours and 15 office hours)
* Two days off per week
**Benefits include:**
* Flight ticket 6000RMB after 1 year contract
* House rent fee 2500 RMB which will afford you a fully equipped apartment (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room) which will be assigned to you before your arrival. The apartment will be close to the school.
* Outpatient and Accident Health Insurance
* Bonus 2000RMB after 1 year contract
* Fully comprehensive curriculum lesson plan and teaching materials provided
* Comprehensive training before you start your duties
* Paid Chinese public holidays
* Legal work visa for teaching
* Full assistance with any living difficulties
* One time pick up from the airport (From Beijing or Tianjin)
* Once in China, the school will cover the expenses of getting the work and residence permit
Contact Details:
ID:254238 | 2019/07/31/08点
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