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15k-25k| Hiring TikTok Live streamers 15k-30k plus commissions Work details: Be a hos...
Hiring TikTok Live streamers 15k-30k plus commissions
Work details:
Be a host, selling women bags, purses, jewelry, and Muslim clothes on TikTok live stream.
Working hours:
Curently, we have 2 Channels, one is In Southeast Asia TikTok live, the working hours are from 1 PM to 9 PM.
Another is in the UK, the working hours are from 9 PM to 5 am.
It's the normal 8 hours, but it doesn't need to be live for 8 hours. We usually arrange to live for about 4 -5 hours a day, and the rest of the time is just for normal office hours.
Famale. No race or nationalities limitations, as long as you like TikTok live stream, have good personality, and love fashions, most importantly, you love to show yourself, show your skills at work, show your good personality, and willing to bring happy to other people.
Salary: The basic salary is 15K, Plus 5-10% commissions according to the company's monthly income, it's a challenging job, if you are doing great, the average monthly salary can reach 20K to 30K.
Other: Visa provided.
About us:
We are a small Start-up company in Longhua district, Shenzhen. We have very open minded leaders, and we already have 2 live streamers, and we have very good relationships with everyone in this company, you are free to talk anything here, it's your family. Welcome everybody to apply.
FT/PT Possible | Shenzhen Longhua district, 1980 Science and Technology Culture Industrial Park | Cecilia Li
ID:275785 | 2022/08/01/22点
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