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10k-12k| The Vacant Positions 1. Lecturer of IELTS Speaking/IELTS Writing 2. Seni...
The Vacant Positions

1. Lecturer of IELTS Speaking/IELTS Writing

2. Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor of Management

3. Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor of Economics and International Finance


1. Bachelor or above degree

2. 5-year or above working experience for specialized-course teachers

Minimum 2-year teaching experience for language teachers

3. Age from 25- 55 years old

Remuneration Package

The package offer includes:

1. A sightseeing trip once a year organized by College of International Education.

2. On-campus apartment.

3. Accident, medical and surgical insurance for appointees.

4. Sixteen (16) teaching hours a week.

5. Paid holiday: winter vacation for short term teachers (work for one academic year) and both winter and summer vacations for long-term employees.

Standard of Salary

● Experienced language teacher:

Bachelor Degree, CNY 10,000 /month;

Master Degree, CNY 11,000 /month;

PhD Degree, CNY 12,000/month;

● Experienced teacher of specialized course:

Senior Lecturer, CNY 10,000-12,000 /month;

Associate Professor, CNY 12,000-14,000 /month;

Professor, CNY 14,000-18,000 /month;

●Free Accommodation on campus

We provide free equipped accommodation on campus for international teachers (Fees of electricity, gas, water and internet should be paid by individuals.)

●Insurance & Medical Care

For international teachers, we take out insurance for severe diseases, hospitalization and accidental injury for the foreign teachers during their working period in the university.

●Flight Subsidy

We offer flight subsidy RMB 10,000 as a bonus every year for long-term international teachers (after renewing the contract).

How to Apply

Please email to us the following information:

1. Letter: A one-page letter that indicates your situation, aspirations and competence.

2. Teaching subjects: A list of the courses you have taught in the last five years (give the course title, institution, and the level of each course).

3. Your resume / curriculum vitae.

4. Two photographs of yourself.

5. Teaching: A statement of your teaching philosophy and achievements. Recent assessments of your teaching.

6. Copies of all your earned degree and diploma certificates.

7. A copy of your passport.

8. References: If you wish, you may include up to three references. These should not be your confidential referees.

9. Referees: The contact details for three referees whom we may contact confidentially, one of whom should be a recent employer.

Application Info:
1. Send resume, Copy of the first page of your passport.. Copy of your highest degree and teaching certificates, Reference letter(s), if any. One recent color photo of yours,and note the subject line teaching position NO.327

2. Evaluate the application.
3.Wechat/skype interview.
4. Confirm the offer package and contract (sign contract)
5. Guide applicants to apply visa and book ticket to the nearby airport to China.

Contact Way:
Guangzhou beiyuan,Guangzhou | Fuzhou Public College
ID:261078 | 2020/06/30/14点
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