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21K/month| 21k for English teacher based in Dali for 6 weeks We are looking for an experie...
21k for English teacher based in Dali for 6 weeks
We are looking for an experienced and passionate native English speaker to join us to interact with Children in English for the Summer Camp organized by the Dali Active Learning Centre (DAEC) in Dali,Yunnan from 15 July to 23 August 2019.
We provide a payment of 21K/month to the successful candidate, and reimburse the transportation (by train or bus) costs from Kunming to Dali. We are happy to support to find an accomodation as wel if needed.
Please note that this is a short placement, and we are unable to provide a work visa.
Start Date: 15 July 2019
End date: 23 August 2019
Work hours: 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday (lunch is provided from Monday to Friday)
1, Native Englsih Speaker;
2, Experienced in interacting with young children (age between 4-10) in English and teaching children English;
3, Responsible, respectful and caring for children;
4, Passionate about children development;
5, Proactive, teamwork, and good communication skills;
6, Experienced in outdoor activities;
7. Strengths in music, dance, art, and sports are a plus
How to apply:
If you are interested, please send a CV and a self-introduction to email ;
We will respond to your application within 24 working hours.
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