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20000-25000 RMB/Month| English teachers needed in Chongqing Foreign Teachers Wanted in Kindergarten N...
English teachers needed in Chongqing
Foreign Teachers Wanted in Kindergarten
Nan'an District / Jiangbei District / Yubei District / Yuzhong District
Working Hours: 5 working days/week (9:00 - 12:00 AM & 14:00 - 18:00 PM)
Two days off/week (Negotiable)
70 teaching hours/months
20000-25000 RMB/Month
1500-2000 RMB Housing allowance /Month
Bonus (500 RMB)
Extra overtime payment (100 RMB/Class)
Full attendance salary/month (100 RMB)
Paid vacation (depending on working time, totally up to one month a year) Gifts in festivals (including Chinese traditional festivals and / or foreign festivals)
Business insurance for free
Reimbursement for air ticket back home (4000 RMB – 8000 RMB)
Preferential price for your kids to entering our school
Many kinds of activities
and travelling abroad
Requirements :
Passport holders from English native speaking countries
Bachelor's degree is required
Meet the requirements of working visa application for English teachers at least 2-year-English teacher experience
TEFL or TESOL certificate is required without teaching experience
Hobbies like music (be able to play musical instrument, sing some English songs or dancing), art (like painting) will be a privilege
Love children and are willing to join early childhood education,contact me for more details. (wechat and phone number)
ID:263164 | 2020/09/18/22点
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