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25000-32000 RMB/month (before tax)| Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher(ASAP) Location: Haidian district, Beijing (near W...
Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher(ASAP)
Location: Haidian district, Beijing (near Wan An station )
Starting: ASAP
kids:2-6 years old
Monday-Friday: 8:00 am -4:00 pm, 40 hours /week
1 Demonstrate an understanding of curriculum, subject content pedagogical knowledge, and the needs of students by providing relevant learning experiences
2 Design coherent Instruction and engage students in learning. Manage classroom procedures and manage student behaviors
4 Create an environment of respect and support
5 Equipment set up and maintenance, such as teaching materials and classroom decoration
6 Document students' learning and assess students to improve teaching and learning
7 Participate in school-wide teaching activities
1. Bachelor's degree (Preferably in Early Childhood)
2. more than 2 years of related teaching experience
3. Native English Speaker
4. Energetic, patient, and responsible;
5. Excellent interpersonal & communication skills;
Salary and Benefits:
Salary range:25000-32000 RMB/month (before tax)
10 days winter holiday+10 days summer holidays
Chinese public holidays
work visa provided
if you are interested ,please send your CV to email
ID:278869 | 2023/12/30/19点
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