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21000 RMB to 35000 RMB a month| Looking for English Teachers Kindergarten in Beijing, China, is looking for 2 f...
Looking for English Teachers
Kindergarten in Beijing, China, is looking for 2 full-time teachers. We have ten different kindergartens around Beijing and each kindergarten is clean, modern, and has a children-friendly environment, with a fun loving staff of Chinese and Foreign teachers.
-North American, UK, Australian or New Zealand national, whose mother tongue and first spoken language is English. (If you are not a native English speaker but have mastered English, and are able to speak clearly without a prominent accent, then please also feel free to apply.)
-You are a “kid” person; outgoing, friendly, fun, and enjoy working with, and teaching younger children.
-Patient, good team leader, organized, and work well with others.
-Willing to learn and adapt culturally.
-Punctual, and diligent in carrying out assigned classes, and preparation of class responsibilities.
-willing to sign a one year contract.
-Note: Experience is not necessary, as long as you are willing to learn and adapt.
Working hours/days:
-the working hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday off. You will have a 2 hours break from 12:00am to 2pm each day.
-You would get two weeks off with pay during Chinese New Year (February or March), and one week during National Holiday week at the beginning of October.
-You would also have other government recognized one day holidays off with pay such as Moon Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, New Year’s Day, etc.
-two weeks paid summer holidays
Class details:
-you will be the head teacher of your class, and you will have three full time Chinese assistants to help you.
-each class has a maximum of 22 - 24 students asked to help with.
-The class age range of the children is from 2-6 years old, and each class is divided according to age. For example – 2-3 year olds; 4-6 year olds; etc..
-we provide an easy to follow curriculum, although you are free to adapt it according to your own teaching style and preferences.
-you will be required to teach a 90 minute class in the morning and a 30 minute class in the afternoon, as well as lead an end of the day activity. The rest of your time will be interacting with the children on a one on one basis during play time, and other day to day activities.
-For new inexperienced teachers – from 17000 RMB to 20000 RMB starting salary. (We will provide free teacher training for new teachers.)
-For teachers with experience and good references, we can negotiate your starting salary from 21000 RMB to 35000 RMB a month.
Other benefits:
-We can help you to secure a legal working visa as long as you have the minimum of a BA diploma; and insurance
Free lunch
Free Chinese classes
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