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RMB 30000-35000| International Primary School Teacher Needed Location: Beijing, Chaoyang Distric...
International Primary School Teacher Needed
Location: Beijing, Chaoyang District
• Degree: Bachelor's degree or higher with a major in language, literature, or education
• Experience: At least 3 years of teaching experience in a primary school (or children's education
• Preferred: Experience with Student-Centered Learning (SCL), Project-Based Learning (PBL),
IB, and/or STEAM curriculum design.
• Preferred: Teachers with a teaching license from an English-speaking country.
Responsibilities and other Details:
• Student age range: 5-12 years old; Kindergarten to Grade 6.
• English teachers typically teach one or two different grades at the most.
• Class size: Up to 22 students.
• Contact Hours: Teachers are generally required to teach between 18-20 class hours per week.
Each teaching period is 40 minutes.
• Working Days and Hours: School hours are 7:30 to 16:30 Monday to Friday, but working hours
vary according to teaching schedules. The typical schedule for a foreign teacher is from 8:00
a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Benefits will include:
Net Monthly Income Total: RMB 30000-35000
• Medical Insurance
• Home visit Reimbursement: Up to twice /year and up to RMB 15000 per school year.
• Public Holidays: 19 Public holidays off annually.
• Annual Paid Holiday: Summer and Winter holidays.
• Sick Leave: 5 days full pay sick leave per year.
• Pay Day: 5th of each month.
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