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12000 to 20000rmb| Beijing Family Needs Home English Tutor Opportunity For Homestay We are seekin...
Beijing Family Needs Home English Tutor
Opportunity For Homestay
We are seeking candidates who are currently residing in China for homestay opportunities.*
There is no doubt that it has been a tough few months. To ease your angst for the next 3-6months, we currently have several homestay opportunities that provides you with salary and welfare benefits. You will also be provided with international health insurance to ensure your well being. We have placements in Beijing,xi an various other cities.
As a homestay placement, your duties will be no more than 30 hours per week, which include giving basic care for a child (age different with each family) and teaching English. With focus on listening and speaking skills, you will also share knowledge and etiquettes of western cultures while participating in daily family activities.
Placements include some great perks:
1. All meals provided;
2. Accommodation (Private room )
3. Opportunity to travel (With host family);
4. Visiting Local activities;
5. Two (2) days off per week. 9. Salary 12000 to 20000rmb
We can be reached by phone,
*Because of the current border regulations, this opportunity is only available to those currently in China.
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