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30,000-35,000 RMB per month| Now Hiring: Kindergarten English Teacher, 35k/Month Subject To Teach: Oral Engl...
Now Hiring: Kindergarten English Teacher, 35k/Month
Subject To Teach: Oral English for kids
Working Days per week: 5 days, 8AM-12AM, 2PM-6PM
Age ranges: 3-6 years old
Class Size : within 25 students
Location: Beijing or Tianjin or Shijiazhuang (we have several kindergartens)
Kindergarten ESL teaching jobs, are an extremely rewarding and exciting job and an opportunity to have a whole lot of fun while playing an important role in a child’s early language and social development. Students are aged from 3 to 6 years old and class sizes can range from 12 to 25 students per class.
Kindergarten students do not have long attention spans so your lessons will be made up of a variety of short activities and interactions, usually no more than 10 minutes each. Kids love to play, so classes incorporate fun English based games, activities, storytelling, puppets, songs, dance, drawing and flashcard games to make classes engaging.
- Bachelor’s degree or above (Diploma required for visa)
- Under 53 years of age (Below the legal retirement age in all cities)
- Native speaker in English (From US, CA, UK, AU, NZ, SA) or Nonnative with very good accent
- Good health (Health examination required for visa)
- No criminal record (Criminal Records Check required for visa)
- Outgoing, responsible, adaptable, motivated and have a positive attitude
- Can get along well with kids
We offer 30,000-35,000 RMB per month in Beijing, depending on teaching experience and qualifications.
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