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25000-28000RMB base| 25-28k English Teachers Are Needed in **Education 25-28K English Teachers are n...
25-28k English Teachers Are Needed in **Education
25-28K English Teachers are needed in **Education
Monthly Salary:
- 25000-28000RMB base
- plus 500RMB every teaching class (averagely 10 – 20 classes a month).
Location: Line 15, Wangjing East subway station.
Contact Info:
Benefits offered:
- Medical and life insurance
- all government holidays
- 5 days paid annual leave
- 6 days paid sick leave
- Work visa (z visa)
Employment type: Full-time
Job responsibilities:
-Work with a dedicated design team to create English curriculum that will engage and encourage young learners.
- Bring energy and excitement to live broadcast lessons taught in large, green screen classrooms.
- Develop authentic materials, such as short videos or voice recordings, to enhance the students’ learning experience.
- Assist the school with organizing additional activities as needed.
- Native speaker from: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
- Bachelor degree or above, majored in English or education preferred
- 120 hours TEFL or TESOL or CELTA certificate
Work schedule
Monday to Friday. ( 1-9pm or 10am-7pm)
ID:257850 | 2020/03/29/05点
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