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RMB20,000-40,000/month| Training School and Kindergarten Job in Beijing Beijing Kindergarten English Te...
Training School and Kindergarten Job in Beijing
Beijing Kindergarten English Teachers
Job Description
Working Hours: 7:15am-5:30pm, Lunch break 11:30am-2:00pm
1.Bachelor degree or above in English major or TESOL/TEFL;
2.Having experience to study or work abroad will have priority;
3.Teaching license or Language Teaching Certificate is preferred;
4.Willingness to work in a collaborative environment; enthusiasm for education; sense of responsibility and patience for students are required.
5.ESL teaching experience is preferred.
Employment Benefits:
1.Compensation & Benefit Package: RMB20,000-40,000/month before tax;
2.Free meals for kindergarten teacher;
3.Health insurance provided at no cost to teachers (Vision and Dental excluded);
4.Yearly round trip airfare from Beijing to your home country;
5.Relocation fee provided;
6.Paid winter and summer vacations and Chinese holidays;
7.Furnished apartment 5-minute walk from campus;
8.Annual physical checkup;
9.Assistance obtaining and renewing work visa;
10.Campus-based Chinese language program;
11.Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities, including international conference attendance;
12.Staff child free schooling on campus;
13.1 - 1 Fellow Program for International Faculty;
14.Field trips, holiday allowance, etc
contact me if you are interested
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