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Seoul EDU
35,000~ 40,000 KRW per hour| [PT] Biz English Instructor [PT] Gyeonggi-do Yongin-si Mabuk (경기도 용인시 마...
[PT] Biz English Instructor

[PT] Gyeonggi-do Yongin-si Mabuk (경기도 용인시 마북)
Mon ~ Fri 10:00AM ~ 06:00PM
Actual teaching hours may vary due to class schedule
35,000~ 40,000 KRW per hour (Negotiable based on qualication)
Start Date: August 18, 2020
Training Start Date: Two to three days at SPEP Apgujeong Center, Seoul

[Job Description]
Type of Class: Adult Business English & Communication Skills (Speaking)
Students: Business Professionals
Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate
Class size: Group class and/or 1:1
Curriculum: Standardized Curriculum and Course Books (training provided)
[Basic Qualifications]
Candidates with prior Experience in corporate field (over 1 years) or teaching business English (over 1 years) is preferred
Bachelor’s degree in Business, Education or English is preferred
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