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200 yuan/hour| English teacher is needed "Our School is looking for one part time teacher to j...
English teacher is needed
"Our School is looking for one part time teacher to join our dynamic faculty! Our school is located in Kunming's Chenggong district, close to the metro, modern apartments, Carrefour and Starbucks. Most of our students are age 3 to 13 and class sizes are kept quite small. We provide all the teaching materials one could need, just bring yourself, enthusiasm and a smile. We offer training and help throughout your journey of finding yourself as teacher. Each class has an English-speaking native Chinese assistant to help the foreign teacher, if needed. So you will never be in a classroom by yourself or unable to communicate with your students. We are looking for a native English speaker, who is enthusiastic and enjoys teaching and helping children grow.
Our School offers teachers the following package
-200 yuan/hour(negotiable)
-100rmb for one more new student
- Free housing ( big accommodation)
(* I have worked at this school for 2 years and love the teaching style asked of the teachers. It's all about having fun in the classroom. The classrooms are big and students no more than 15 in a class.)
Looking forward to hear from you.
Jasmine Zhang
PT | Kunming
ID:259585 | 2020/05/20/05点
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