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8-10K| [Recruiting Child Friendly English Teacher] - Changying Based Child Day-Care Par...
[Recruiting Child Friendly English Teacher] - Changying Based Child Day-Care Part-Time Teaching
Institution Background:
We are a chained day-care center which recently opened a new branch in the Changying community (常营) within Chaoyang District. Our professional full day day-care caters to children 1-3 years of age, aiming to nurture a healthy and loving platform for kids to learn and grow, and help them set up a strong emotional, social and knowledge foundation as they progress forward into kindergarten and later schooling. Our senior management come have internationally educated backgrounds from world leading universities and have strong experience in operations and management from large global MNC's, we are all congregating together through our passion for early child care.
Our Ask:
- We are looking for a native or non-native (but would want your English to be fluent) English teacher to join our day-care to take lead of our English classes, syllabus and teaching content will be provided by our institution.
- We hope you have at least 1-2+ years of prior english teaching experience
- The complexity of English is not high, so we value more your soft capabilities especially in how to interact with young children
- We cannot provide Visa, so would need you to already have this in place
Salary: ~8-10K
Time commitment: [Part time] ~20 Hours a week (4 hours a day), weekends off
Application Documentation:
An up to date resume
A recent photo
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ID:275847 | 2022/08/08/09点
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