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negotiation| Line 8@Beijing - 2022 July Summer School English Teacher for 6-12 Years Old Hi!...
Line 8@Beijing - 2022 July Summer School English Teacher for 6-12 Years Old
Hi! E-Mind is a Library and Language Center, located next to YuXin Subway of Line 8, providing ESL, EFL and Chinese Reading program to local school students, from 7 to 12 years old. We are looking for teachers for SUMMER CAMP (July 2022) .
WEEK 1: July 16 to July 22 (7 days), 4-6 teaching hours per day.
WEEK 2: July 25 to July 31 (7 days), 4-6 teaching hours per day.
We are a center of 4 years old. We are very serious about teaching students English. We imported curricula from the United States and the UK, and we follow them closely. The school is willing to pay what it can for teachers who perform well, in accordance with its guidelines and the curriculum, and achieve real results for students.
We want people who are passionate about education. People who truly, and deeply, care about achieving great things for their students will go far with us. I like to see:
1. Passion about educating China's children.
2. Teaching experience, in China or abroad.
3. Qualifications of some kind, e.g. TEFL.
All of these are negotiable, except the first. An individual with talent and motivation, who really wants the children to learn, is someone we'd be happy to provide with the training and experience necessary to convert that enthusiasm into genuine skill. If you think you are the one, I advise you to send me your resume, with a cover letter, to be contacted for an interview.
Please send your resumes and cover letters to email
Or Wechat at “samshare”.
Our Location: Just 5-minute walk from YuXin subway station.
Thank you for your attention.
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ID:275395 | 2022/06/22/10点
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