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Price Details
Rooms or Size
80sqm, 2br 
House/Apmt Area
East City Dongcheng District Nanluoguxiang/Gulou Dongdajie 
Specific Location
Donghengshidai, Sihui 
Nearby Subway / Buses
AD Type
Long-term Residential Rent 
Building Height
Building Total Floor : 0   The Place is at Floor :0 
AD by
An Agent  

Nice two bedroom in donghengshidai for rent east 4th ring road near Guomao -rmb7500

It is used to be a big studio and had been changed into two bedrooms with one living room, still has floor heating but it is central heating and we will pay for it, and it has big down to floor windows on 12th floor in a modern building tower, and it is very traditional and simple designed, so it has open kitchen, western bathroom, and wooden hutong ceiling, so you feel like you are in hutong when you are in living room but when you open your bedroom door you can see great view of city. Hope you like the design.

Please contact Jenny, wechat: 18618415856.

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