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House/Apmt Area
East City Dongcheng District Nanluoguxiang/Gulou Dongdajie 
Specific Location
Gulou Dongdajie , Shichaha & Nanluoguxiang 
Nearby Subway / Buses
Gulou Dongdajie , Shichaha & Nanluoguxiang 
AD Type
Long-term Residential Rent 
Building Height
Building Total Floor : 0   The Place is at Floor :0 
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An Agent  

Hutong Apt in Juer Hutong, Close to Gulou Dongdajie , Shichaha & Nanluoguxiang
-Hi, my name is 1000. I'm glad that you are reading this. My boyfriend Nicolas and I rent this lovely home, which is one of the best apartments I've staied in Beijing based on my 3-year experiment. For some personal reason, we are leaving Beijing in the end of this year or the beginning of next year. However, our contract is finished in March 2021. We don't want, but have to re-rent this place to the lucky next one.
- We are planning to rent it from middle of Dec.2020 to March.2021. But if you want to stay longer, we can introduce you to the landlord.
- If you are going to rent the whole apartment, it's gonna be 15000RMB/month;
- If you only want to rent a room, the price vary from room to room, ranging from 4000-7000RMB/month;
- It's on Juer Hutong. Super close to Guloudongdajie鼓楼东大街, you know what I mean if you are a DADA/ temple fan. We have three bedrooms (designated as ABC), two bathrooms, a dining room and a lovely 2-floor terrace.
- A : on the second floor, is our bedroom for most of the time, with unbeatable views of the Gulou area, independent bathroom (the bathtub can be bubble bath, while taking a bath while looking out of the window scenery).
- B : on the first floor. We use it as a guest room for friends usually, with a king-size double bed and a shared bathroom with Room C.
- C : on the first floor, currently the bedroom of our cat... lol... with particularly funny bunk beds, each 1.2m in size. The best about this room is the terrace attached to it!
- There are shower and toilet, don't worry about the hutong house without toilet;
- I love to cook, microwave, rice cooker, pots and pans, firewood, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, tea and all kinds of seasonings, feel free to use when you come.
The above are all the basic information we can offer. Due to the limitation of Images, welcome to add our wechat or call us to see more pics or have a look of this gorgeous apartment~

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