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  • Hainan Jobs > EDU
    16 k/m
    Urgent:Haikou training school needs 3 Native ASAP
    Job Details:
    -Type of job: full-time
    -Location:In Haikou city,Hainan Province.
    -Workload:30 classes/week,40 mins/class,35 working hours/week;
    -Days off: two days off on weekdays;
    -Students:3-16 yrs old;
    -Start date:ASAP
    Qualification & Requirements
    -BA or above
    -With TESOL/TEFL preferred.
    Compensation & Benefits
    -Salary: 16 k/m
    -Visa: applying for work visa
    -2k/m house subsidies provided;
    -Flight allowance:6k airfare allowance provided after 1 yr's contract.
    Documents needed:
    -An intro video;
    -Passport copy;
    ID:253159| 2019/05/26/09点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Beijing International High School is looking for High School Computer Science, Biology of Cambridge Curriculum IG or A Level course, over two years experience. No nationality limit. Anyone interested? WeChat me
    ID:253148| 2019/05/25/17点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Urgently need native speaker teacher or with clear accent supporting an activity for kids about Rubbish Classification today 3-4pm at Line 13 Fengzhuang Rd. station, 400Rmb paid right after the activity.
    PT |
    ID:253147| 2019/05/25/17点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    15 -22K after tax per month
    Hello, teachers,where are u now ?i have Full time kindergarten jobs available in 2 places of Beijing

    but only for teachers with Good English accent ,teaching skills and love for kids.

    1.MaJiaPu station Exit A( line 4.)

    2.CaoQiao station Exit B(Line 10)

    Requirements:full time English teacher in a kindergarten, only for European Teachers/native with Good Pronunciation (Those who can can apply for z visa preferred )

    Class size:no more than10 kids

    Students'age:2.5-6 years old

    Working hours:7:30am-12am & 2:30pm-5:30pm

    Salary:15 -22K after tax per m...
    ID:253146| 2019/05/25/17点
  • Hebei Jobs > EDU
    g 7-8K/Month
    African teachers needed in a Summer vocation training center in Bao ding city,He bei province.

    Period: 15th June- 25th August.
    Monday to Sunday 8:30am -16:30pm , two days off.

    Students are 3-12 years old ; 

    We need experienced African teacher with good pronunciation ;
    We're offering 7-8K/Month and accommodation . 

    If you are interested and qualified. kindly send your CV and short video to our Wechat , no calling.
    ID:253137| 2019/05/24/18点
  • 18-23K
    Ningbo training school
    Wage 18-23K +2kAccommodation Subsidy
    Must be qualified for a work-teaching visa
    More than two years teaching experience
    Bachelor's degree
    If you are interested, send me your resume, video and work permit.
    ID:253136| 2019/05/24/18点
  • Hebei Jobs > EDU
    10000 -12 000RMB
    Tangshan city of Hebei province
    Kindergartens in Tangshan city need several English teachers(with any type of visa)
    Working time: 7 working hours every weekday.
    7classes every day, 30minutes every class(totally 3.5 teaching hours per day)
    2 days off on Saturday and Sunday.
    Salary: 10 000 -12 000RMB
    Provide single apartment, no need to share with other people
    (Teachers need to pay for water, electricty)
    Provide lunch.
    Traditional holidays paid on law.
    Reimbursement of airfare 3000-8000 yuan a year
    Need teachers asap
    ID:253135| 2019/05/24/18点
  • Henan Jobs > EDU
    School Type: Kindergarten
    Position: English Teacher
    Monday&Tuesday off
    Students' age: 3-8years old
    Class Size:14Maximum
    Salary: around 18-22K
    Other benefits:
    1.Free apartment
    2.work visa provided
    3. assistant
    1.Native Speakers fromUSA,Britain,Australia,Canada,New Zealand,Ireland ONLY
    2. Bachelor degree or above
    3.At least 2years teaching experience or hold TEFL/TESOL/CELTA
    On Board Time: September 1st
    Please send your CV and VIDEO to my Wechat
    ID:253132| 2019/05/24/14点
  • 300RMB/hour
    A part-time teacher needed at shekou ,Nanshan,shenzhen .
    Teaching materials: maths and Cambridge English to kids aged 5-7 years old
    Working time: Monday 5:00PM-6:00PM, 6:00pm-7:00pm,Maths,two different classes ,both are about 5years old.
    Tuesday :Cambridge English ,5:00PM-6:00PM, about 7 years old.
    Wednesday :Maths, 5:00PM-6:00PM about 5years old
    class size: 4~6 kids
    Salary:300RMB/hour ,4*300=1200rmb /week
    Requirement: Native English teacher preferred.
    please contact my wechat
    ID:253128| 2019/05/24/10点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    One Training center in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province is looking for one English teacher ASAP, good accent nonnative speakers acceptable!
    Off days: Monday and Tue
    Working schedule: Wed to Fri 3-4pm to 9pm;
    Sat and Sun: 8:30am to 8:30PM
    Salary:13-15K free single apartment
    Note: Teachers need ASAP (Joining next week)
    Contact: Disha
    ID:253126| 2019/05/24/09点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    Full time job-International Kindergarten
    Location: Zhao tong city ,Yun nan province.
    Requirement: Native&Non-Native English speaker
    Kids age:3-7 years old.
    Monday-Friday:8:00-17:00,Saturday-Sunday:Off. Legal holiday.
    Accommodation : Provide
    ID:253102| 2019/05/23/12点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    Tuesday’s: 4:30 - 8pm
    Wednesday - Friday: 1:30 - 8pm
    Sat&sun: 10-6pm
    Nanjing Jobs | Cirque
    ID:253100| 2019/05/23/10点
  • 10000RMB/month
    a part time and full teachers needed in kindergarten in Guangzhou 广州,
    Full time:7:45-12:00, 14:30-17:00 ,15000-17000RMB/month
    Requirement: native speakers only,
    Job3. A full-time teacher needed in training center in Shenzhen.
    Ages:3-6years ,
    Work time:Monday to Friday ,8hours a day .
    Salary :14-20K
    Requirement:female preferred ,good accent
    Location:LiuXianDong subway station. Line 5
    If you are interested ,
    please contact wechat
    ID:253101| 2019/05/23/09点
  • 15000-18000
    Job for European
    English Training Center needs 2 full-time English teachers
    Student age:6-12
    Working hours: Wednesday to Sunday
    required more than one year teaching experience with Good accent
    provide work visa,
    the teachers Must Graduated from a university in an Native English-speaking country
    Location: Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province浙江,绍兴
    Start right away.
    ID:253099| 2019/05/23/09点
  • negotiable
    👒 Shanghai PT

    Summer teaching for a 12 years old boy

    - A 12 years old boy who is studying at Grade 10.

    - He speaks English very well and plans to study in the US or UK. So he wanna upgrade his English.

    - Schedule: 3 times a week on Monday,Wednesday, Friday morning.
    1.5-2 hours for each class

    - Location: LongHua station on Line12 OR YunJin Road station on Line 11

    - Start in July
    PT |
    ID:253098| 2019/05/23/09点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    Full time Native English teacher urgently needed!
    Nantong City,Jiangsu Province

    -24k+private apartment
    -25teaching hour per week
    -no office hour+school located in city center
    -working meals provided
    We'll be providing all of the materials that you need for this class!

    A BA degree is requried .
    ID:253097| 2019/05/23/09点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    15000-18000 basic salary + free apartment or 4000 housing
    *************Beijing Public Primary Schools**************
    [强]15000-18000 basic salary + free apartment or 4000 housing
    [强]3 months FULL paid summer/winter holiday + Chinese public holidays
    [强]Up to 13000 flight reimbursement
    [强]Max. 20 Lessons per week
    [强]Social insurance or Commercial Insurance
    [强]Free lunch
    [强]Work visa provided
    [强]Other benefits
    Native English Speaker from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand
    Degree: BA or above
    ONE of the following:
    1) Degree in Education, English Literature or Linguistics OR
    2) 2 years t...
    ID:253096| 2019/05/22/18点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    16000-20000 RMB per month after tax
    One full-time English teacher for kindergarten in Nanjing 
    • Working as a homeroom teacher (Start from September 2019)
    • Salary: 16000-20000 RMB per month after tax
    • Working time: 8:30-5pm (Monday - Friday)
    • Students’ age: 3-6 years old
    • No. of students: 18-22
    • Workload: 25-28 working hours per week (including teaching and office work)
    • Native English speaker (USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia)
    • Bachelor degree or above
    • Must have TESOL/TEFL
    • At least 2 years of teaching experience
    • Signing the contract for minimum one year
    • Non-criminal...
    ID:253095| 2019/05/22/18点
  • 15k - 18k per month
    Training center in Futian district of Shenzhen city.
    The English training center is offering basic English training classes to kids 3-12 years old.
    The school is located in Futian district of Shenzhen city, beside the Shangmeilin subway station of line 4. Now they need English teachers as follows:
    Working contents:
    1. Students: 3 - 12 years old
    2. Teaching time is 25 lessons per week, 11 office hour working, every class within 12 kids. Every class lasts within 60 minutes.
    3. Five days working per week
    1. Good pronunciation, with good teaching skills
    2. Could start as so...
    ID:253094| 2019/05/22/18点
  • 18,000RMB-22,000RMB
    Qingdao Training Center Native ESL Teacher Needed
    【We Offer】
    • Salary: 18,000RMB-22,000RMB after tax per month
    • Free accommodation
    • Work visa, residence permit provided
    • Paid Chinese public holidays
    • Completion of contract will have a chance to get up to 6000 RMB bonus
    【Job description】
    • Working time: 8:00 am-11:00 am 13:00 pm-17:00 pm, 5 workdays and 2 days off on Monday & Tuesday per week
    • Office hours: 15 hours per week, total working hours less than 40 hours per week
    • Teaching hours: 18-22 hours per week, 25-30 hours per week during Summer & Winter vacation
    ID:253093| 2019/05/22/10点
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