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  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    need native teacher
    location :jiangsu
    trainning center
    wed to frid 1:30pm-7:30pm
    satur to sun 9am-6pm
    salary 16-19k, provide single department
    If youre interested,please contact me
    ID:252592| 2019/04/19/13点
  • Hunan Jobs > EDU
    10 - 13 K Monthly
    #No office hours #native or nonative
    A trainning center school in Changsha city Hunan province . No office hours , 2 day off . Wed- Fri : 4:45- 8:30 pm , Weekend 8:30am to 6:15pm with 2 hrs lunch break. Students from 2-12 years old. 8-12 students per class. With flight reimbursement after 1 year contract . Demo class bonus provided. 10 - 13 K Monthly . Please send me your introduction video or you can add my WeChat,thanks[玫瑰]
    ID:252591| 2019/04/19/13点
  • Hebei Jobs > EDU
    Hebei native or nonnative
    1. School name :English for children
    2. Contact person vivi
    4. Address: fangcheng building, xinzhong street, gu 'an county, hebei province
    5. The students are 3-12 years old
    6. The curriculum
    Break times: Mondays and Tuesdays
    8. Salary payment time: last month's salary will be paid on the 15th of each month
    9. Can I apply for a work visa:No
    10. Teachers' requirements: native language, non-native language, male and female foreign teachers, non-native language is also acceptable
    11. Is accommodation available
    12. Part-time, full-time: full-time
    13. Teache...
    ID:252590| 2019/04/19/13点
  • 500~600RMB every time
    Part time teacher offer!
    native or nonative
    Training center
    Location: Licang district, closed to horticulture expo park
    Time: Longterm, Saturday afternoon,from 12:00-17:00, totally 3 teaching hours
    Students: 3-7 years old, 8-10 children/ class
    Salary: 500~600RMB every time
    Requirements: female English teacher with good accent
    ID:252587| 2019/04/19/09点
  • Hubei Jobs > EDU
    8000 yuan - 15000 yuan/month
    ESL teacher
    Job description:
    1、Arrange teaching plan and teaching plan;
    2、Participate in regular teaching activities to improve academic skills and teaching skills;
    3、Support academic events including demo lessons, Kindergarten and life clubs;
    4、Attend teacher training presentations and workshops for own development Qualification for English teachers:
    1、English speaker with Standard pronunciation;
    2、Teaching experience is preferred;
    3、 Excellent communication skills;
    4Love children, extrovert, full of love, patience, have good teachers Ethics and professional ethics;
    ID:252589| 2019/04/19/08点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    200-250per hour
    training center in Beijing,
    native or nonative
    At tiantongyuan subway station line 5.
    Have 2 hours class on Friday 3.30 to 5.30 (400Rmb-500Rmb)
    And Saturday 10.00 to 12.00
    Or may be more classes on evening time. But these two classes are confirm.
    Non native can also apply.
    If you are interested .reply me with ur introduction video. Thanks.
    PT |
    ID:252585| 2019/04/19/08点
  • 19k-25k rmb  After tax
    659.Shenzhen.training center looking for Drama teacher (19.04.18)
    Address:Futian District,Shenzhen
    (Salary and Benefits):                                                                   
    Monthly Salary: 19k-25k rmb  After tax
    Bonus(monthly/semester/yearly) : NO
    Overtime allowance: 150rmb/h
    Festival: the same to the Chinese staffs and Christmas day
    Pay Summer/Winter holiday : Not pay
    Housing allowance /Free apartment: 3000 rmb/month
    Providing business insurance :yes
    Flight allowance: one way flight allowance if come from other country
    Traffic allowance: NO
    Meal providing: NO
    ID:252583| 2019/04/18/23点
  • 10-25k
    [爱心]Hangzhou Training center-Non native
    3:30-8:30pm weekdays
    9-6pm weekends
    Students age: 3-12
    Location: Line 2
    [爱心]Hangzhou training center-Native
    Location: Downtown Hangzhou
    no more than 35h per week
    two days off
    3-12years old students
    "Native teachers eligible for work visa only

    If you are interested , please send self-intro video and resume to wechat. thanks.
    ID:252581| 2019/04/18/23点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    native or nonative
    Full time female teachers needed now in a Daycare near to San Yuan Qiao,line 10; Chao Yang, Beijing ;

    8.00AM--5.00PM,Mon to Fri; Kids are 3-6 years old ; small group classes;  Experienced Caucasian teachers with good pronunciaiton preferred! Related teaching experience is a must .  We are offering 12-13K/Month for full time teachers there ; long term contract preferred !Start time: ASAP. If you are interested and qualified. kindly send your CV and short video to us
    ID:252580| 2019/04/18/18点
  • 20k - 24k after tax
    Available job!!!
    1. Salary 20k - 24k after tax
    2. Accommodation provided
    3. A returned ticket after one year contract
    Shanghai Pinghe School needs an American male teacher in the kindergaten department ASAP

    Contact HR@baiqian with your introduction video and cv

    address: Room 303, Jincheng Building, 1399 Haining Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai.
    Zip Code: 200070

    Thank you for your cooperation.
    ID:252579| 2019/04/18/18点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU
    20-22K, per month
    Full time English Teaching Position
    1.Location: Linfen City ,Shanxi Province
    2.Payment:20-22K, per month
    3.Accommodation: Free apartment provided by school or house allowance
    4.Benefits: Full paid 7-10 days-off for winter vacation ,2 weeks off for Summer vacation on August salary paid 65% for summer vacation.
    Flight ticket allowance.
    5.Schedule: Maximum 26 teaching hours per week; 10 office hours
    6.Requirements :1. Qualified for work visa
    2. Native speaker with TEFL certificate.
                    3.Can start work ASAP
    ID:252578| 2019/04/18/18点
  • 10000-11000per month and provide meal and apartment
    Kindergarten full time job in Dongguan city native or nonative
    Location:40 minutes bus from Dongguan station line 2
    Schedule:Monday to Friday 8:00-5:00
    Ages:3-6 years old
    Salary:10000-11000per month and provide meal and apartment
    Requirements:Good accent teacher with kindergarten teaching experience
    ID:252577| 2019/04/18/12点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    10k-14k per Month
    Urgent we need !native or nonative
    One full time Training Center Teacher is Needed in Nanjing [玫瑰][玫瑰]
    Location : Near Tianlongsi station on line1[强][强]
    Position: Teaching 3-8years old kids English [拥抱]
    Working Time: Monday to Friday from 1pm-9pm,weekends 9:30am - 6:30pm 
    Two days off per week [玫瑰][玫瑰]
    Salary:  about 10k-14k per Month
    Requirement: Native/Non native with good experience and clear accent (Please  send me self-introduction video and CV)
    Work experience : At least 1-year teaching experience
    Degree: Bachelor’s Degree or above
    Requirements: Work-study permit ...
    ID:252576| 2019/04/18/12点
  • 10k-16k RMB/month
    Full Time Kindergarten teacher in Guangzhou(Teaching section activities)
    *Location: Luogang District in Guangzhou
    *Student Age: 3-5 years old
    *Working Time: 8.00am-12.00am, 2.00pm-4.50pm
    *Salary: 10k-16k RMB/month.Paid Winter Vacation period for long contracts.
    *Provide: Meals, Accommodation, Z Visa, Insurance, Flight Reimbursement on contract completion.
    *Native English Speaker or Non-native English Speakers with the graduation major related to Education
    *B.A. or higher degree
    *TEFL Certification
    *2 years of teaching experience
    *A dedication to the profession wi...
    ID:252575| 2019/04/18/10点
  • 2000$-3,000 $ per month
    full time job for ESL teachers
    Information of the offers :
    1. Position: Full time English Teacher in Training School
    2. Working time:
    (1)、5 working days + 2 days off per week.
    (2)、pm2-pm8:40during weekdays, am8:30-pm7:00 during weekends
    (3)、40 working hours per week in terms of the contract (maximum 25 teaching hours+15 office hours)
    4. Student
    Kids aged from 3 to 12years old, around 10 students in one class.
    5. Teaching Assist
    (1)、The School will provide all the teaching materials, teaching guidelines
    (2)、One Chinese teacher will be your TA during the class
    6. Nice office en...
    ID:252573| 2019/04/18/09点
  • Hainan Jobs > EDU
    15,500 - 17,000 RMB after tax
    Available position: 4
    Start date: August and September, 2019
    Location: Sanya
    School name: First Leap
    What is the offer?
    Free flight ticket upfront to China.
    Base salary: 15,500 - 17,000 RMB after tax
    Housing allowance: 2000 RMB
    Airfare bonus at the end of contract: 8000 RMB
    Demo lesson and performance bonus are available.
    Health insurance and Dental insurance are available.
    Visa fee reimbursement: 1300 RMB
    Working conditions:
    Students: 3 - 12 years old mainly
    Class size: 10 - 14 students/class
    36 wor...
    ID:252572| 2019/04/18/09点
  • Jilin Jobs > EDU
    English Teacher
    Teaching Hours No more than 22 teaching hours per week
    Office Hours No more than 40 total hours per week (including scheduled teaching hours)
    Class Size 20 to 50 students in one class

    Job requirement
    Nationality USA.UK.Australia.Canada .New Zealand,South Africa, no distinct accent of non native speakers
    Education Bachelor degree or above
    Other requirements •TEFL/TESOL/CELTA(without Pedagogy degree) &
    No Criminal records& Both healthy in mental and physical
    Salary 6000-15000RMB(negotiable for applicants with extensive teaching experience.)
    ID:252571| 2019/04/18/09点
  • 15000‐23000RMB/month after tax
    15-23k ESL Drama teacher needed in Shanghai and Beijing native or nonative
    Job description
    Training, lesson plans, curriculum and scripts are ALL provided.
    Working schedule:
    40 hours per week, including 20 hours teaching.
    Wed-Fri 14:00-21:00
    Weekends 9:00-18:00
    Mon-Tue off

    Salary and Benefits
    Salary range is 15000‐23000RMB/month after tax, including 3000 housing allowance.
    Airfare reimbursement: up to 5,000RMB/year
    Contract completion bonus up to 5,000RMB
    Health Insurance is provided.
    Relocation assistance for temporary housing: 5000 RMB set-up loan.
    Paid Training opport...
    ID:252570| 2019/04/18/09点
  • 10000 per month
    Kindergarten full time job need native or nonative teacher urgently Panyu district GZ city
    Location:15 minutes bus from Yuangang metro station line 7
    Schedule:Monday to Friday 9:00-12:30 2:30-4:30
    Ages:6 years old kid
    Salary:10000 per month
    Requirements:Good accent teacher with Kindergarten teaching experience as the class teacher
    ID:252569| 2019/04/18/09点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    16K above
    native or nonative
    Training Center in Linheli,Batong Line,Tongzhou Disitrcts in Beijing needs 1 Male english teachers.
    1.Salary is around 16K above a depending on teacher’s experience
    2.Mon to Fri,8:00 am to 11:30 am and 2:40pm to 7:00pm, 8 classes per day.
    1. 1 year teaching experience in teaching kids
    2.Standard accent, responsible, active and caring
    3. Qualified to get work visa
    ID:252568| 2019/04/17/22点
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