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  • Sichuan Jobs > EDU

    We are looking for English teachers for a University in Mianyang city, Sichuan province. 110 minutes to Chengdu ,one campus inmianyang city, one campus inchengdu city.

    It is a one year contract start in Sep, 2012

    Monthly salary:5400RMB~5500RMB (BA), 5700~5800RMB (MA), 5800~5900RMB (Doc)/oral english teacher

    6000RMB (BA),6200RMB(MA),6300RMB(Doc)/for MBA, BBA, marketing economic esl teacher

    11 months contract period with 12 months salary, and have foreign teacher tutoring the newly came teachers.

    Working load:16classes plus 2 hours office time for oral English teacher

    14 c...
    Chengdu Jobs | a University in Mianyang city, Sichuan province.
    ID:214744| 2014/09/02/19点
  • Beijing Jobs > CORP

    Job Description:
    VIPABC is looking for part-time or full-time Promotional Ambassadors who will be responsible for show room reception and product introduction.

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    •College or university degree (preferred), or a current university student
    •Good command of English
    •Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    •Outgoing personality with friendly appearance
    •Willingness to take initiative in servicing customers
    •Some Chinese-speaking capability is preferred but not mandatory
    •Non-Asian personnel is preferable
    Chaoyang District Jobs | 麦奇教育
    ID:214743| 2014/09/02/18点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU

    Job Description:
    1、Translate and reorganize the company materials
    2、Have Basic Chinese skills and communicate in simple Chinese
    3、Complete the translation on time as required

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    1、you should be a native English speaker
    2、American、 British or Canadian
    3、History, literature and other related professional,bachelor's degree or above
    4、Best (for) full-time, part-time can also be ok
    5、Have experiences in translation is preferred
    6、Have a work visa and residence permit
    Chaoyang District Jobs | 北京沃龙海科技发展有限责任公司
    ID:214742| 2014/09/02/18点
  • Beijing Jobs > CORP

    We are now looking for Native English Speakers In Beijing to join us with a Full-Time Job For Chinese-English translation or translation REWRITING (English articles).

    Project Title: Full-Time Job For Chinese-English translation or translation REWRITING (English articles), Native English Speakers in Beijing
    Project Description: Source language(s): Chinese
          Target language(s): English
    Full-Time Job For Chinese-English translation or translation REWRITING (English articles), Native English Speakers in Beijing

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    Proficient in Chinese.
    Previous ...
    Chaoyang District Jobs | Beijing Mr. Translator Ltd.
    ID:214741| 2014/09/02/18点
  • Beijing Jobs > CORP

    position 1
    -native language review(from English to your native language)
    -mobile device functional testing
    -translation from English to your native language / your native language to English( can be freelancer who is in Beijing )

    position 2
    -Correct and Verify the mistake from the voice recording, correct in the text data (Editing and Tagging )

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    Position 1
    -native language review(from English to your native language)
    -mobile device functional testing
    -translation from English to your native language / your native language...
    Haidian District Jobs | 北京文思海辉技术有限公司
    ID:214740| 2014/09/02/18点
  • Shanghai Jobs > CORP

    Now our Shanghai branch is looking for 1 Japanese Sales Representative, office in Shanghai

    1/ Native Japanese, age 22-28, male
    2/ with 1-2 years’ working experience, not a must
    3/ can speak Chinese
    4/ graduates also welcome
    5/ can work full time in Shanghai, China
    6/ if you have coating material related experience, will be a big plus
    a company in Shanghai
    ID:214737| 2014/09/02/18点
  • Shanghai Jobs > CORP

    This position, only the female from Europe or North America, or AUS welcome

    About 4 days work every week, 7 hours each day (day time)
    It’s a intern job, no visa provided

    Shanghai JL Men's Hospital, Located in Changning District, near the crossing of West Zhongshan Road, and Changning Road.

    Now, for the development of our brands and customer service, we’re looking for 2-3 female Receptionist and Greeters
    About 4 days work every week, 7 hours each day (day time)

    1/ Greetings to the visitors and guests, help them with some necessary information.
    2/ Daily custom...
    Changning Jobs | Shanghai JL Men's Hospital
    ID:214734| 2014/09/02/18点
  • Beijing Jobs > CORP

    1: fluent in oral English, translation ability;
    2: character, cheerful, and have a strong sense of responsibility, has the good team cooperation spirit, and bears hardships and stands hard work spirit;
    3: has more than 2 year working experience in foreign company or the editor of working experience will be preferred;
    4: with good service consciousness, good communication and expression ability;
    5: moral integrity noble, presentable.

    Job description:
    1: assist department manager sorting and translation relevant information,
    2: familiar with use word, excel, PPT
    Chaoyang District Jobs | 安徽中讯通电子科技有限公司
    ID:214733| 2014/09/02/18点

  • Job Description:
    The work responsibilities are involved with market development (helping to attract investment), client communication & visit, relations maintenance and project management, etc.

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    l)PR, Marketing or business-related majors preferred
    2)Having a good sense of market
    3)Fluent English with conversational Chinese
    4)Easygoing, proactive, communicative and self-motivated
    5) Good communication skills and fond of dealing with people
    Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan can also
    ID:214732| 2014/09/02/18点

  • Position No.: Senior Hotel Interior Designer
    1.Aged from 35 to 45, Superior hand graphics and excellent design skills.
    2.FIVE plus years of relevant hospitality interior design experience including experience in business hotel design and resort design.
    3.Worked in the famous interior design company and supervised the hotel interior design project with the International Hotel Management Group will be preferred.
    4.This person must be a team leader to implement the design project with a positive influence and have the ability to inspire, motivate, collaborate with and devel...
    ID:214731| 2014/09/02/18点
  • Guizhou Jobs > CORP

    Only female expatriates welcome

    This position is in Guiyang City, capital (biggest city of Guizhou Province), if you can not live and work in Guiyang, please do not apply for this job position

    HLC Group is the biggest company in Guiyang, top 500 in China.

    Only expatriates can work in China for a long time welcome, local Chinese please DO NOT apply for this job position

    1/ VIP reception and business reception, meeting preparation (many VIP visit our company), business visit assist
    2/ Daily office administrative work, documents and files related work
    3/ Simple o...
    Guizyang Jobs | HLC Group in Guiyang,Guizhou
    ID:214730| 2014/09/02/18点

  • About the job
    1/ part-time, three days every week, about 4 hours one day
    2/ teach managers (high level) spoken English
    3/ check the company's documents in English, Check for syntax errors
    4/ will attend our company’s Digital marketing meetings occasionally

    1/ we need Native English speaker, basic Chinese ability (greeting only is also ok)
    2/ age from 22-30 years old
    2/ someone come from North America or Europe most welcome
    3/ with experience in Digital marketing- 6 months or more

    Salary: Negotiable (about 4H/600 yuan)

    If you’re qualified and interested, please...
    Putuo Jobs | EAD in Shanghai
    ID:214729| 2014/09/02/18点
  • Shanghai Jobs > CORP

    Duties and Responsibilities
    Technical support for end user
    Technical service Include installation & commissioning, check, maintenance of food equipment
    Feedback the quality problem from market to related department.
    Enhance customer satisfaction via customer visit, prompt service etc.
    Service and support others department.
    Provide training for the customers

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    Requirements & Key Competency
    College or above with Major in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
    Good command of spoken and written English especially to technical English,
    3 years practic...
    Haas Food Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (HFM)
    ID:214727| 2014/09/02/18点
  • Shanghai Jobs > CORP

    The technical writer is responsible for creating and quality of written content in technical documents, such as user manuals, service manuals, instructions, technical service bulletins/service messages etc.

    1 Take part in projects and be responsible for creation and quality of content in all technical documents created for each individual project
    2 Work close with graphic designer and engineers in order to create technical documentations
    3 Continuously aim to improve CREM´s platform for technical documentation
    4 Fulfil tasks according agreed time...
    Crem International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    ID:214726| 2014/09/02/18点
  • Sichuan Jobs > EDU
    Like customizing your lessons and working with a small group of students to help them achieve their goals?Take the Hampson English Challenge! We are currently staffing right now for our English Teacher positions. Seek shelter in our cool and professional classrooms in the new year and change a future while you’re at it!

    Job Description:
    Position title: English Teacher
    Potential Work Locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Xi`an and Tianjin.
    Schedule : flexible
    Class size : one on one
    Students : range from kids to adults
    Chengdu Jobs | Hampson
    ID:213996| 2014/09/02/16点
  • Shanghai Jobs > CORP

    Position -- International Sales Executive
    Job Description
    Understand customer needs, maintain and develop business relationship with existing & new customers.
    Daily communicate with customers, include customer visiting & meeting, forecast, order analysis, new product development, quotation follow up, payment etc.
    Realize sales revenue in the assigned sales region, increase market share.
    Analyze competitor situation in assigned sales area, work out proper strategy to develop the business with target customers.
    Assist to set up sales & marketing strategy, collect market information, to ens...
    Qingpu Jobs | 安硕文教用品(上海)股份有限公司
    ID:214739| 2014/09/02/14点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU

    Kindergarten & Primary School Teachers Needed in Taiyuan, China
    Start your China experience here!
    Golden Maple is expanding rapidly & we need teachers to join our team of foreign experts. We are currently seeking 3 experienced, outgoing, fun & professional teachers.
    Application requirement:
    Native speaker: UK, USA, NZ, AUST, Canada
    Bachelor Degree or higher
    TEFL/TESL/TESOL certification
    Available start date: ASAP
    Vacancy: 10;
    Teaching conditions:
    Salary: RMB 8,000-10,000/month depending on experience and teaching skills;
    Teaching hours: 20-25 hours a week;
    Free accommodation:...
    Taiyuan Jobs | Golden Maple English in Taiyuan
    ID:214738| 2014/09/02/13点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    10,000-15,000 rmb
    Job description:
    Location: CBD close to line 1;National Library on line 4;WuDaoKou and Wangjing on line 13

    Course:《let s go》《side by side》
    Children s age:3-16 years old and some adults
    Group size:1-1 and 1-2
    Teaching schedule:
    2:30-7:30p.m from Wed to Fri,8:30-18:30 on Sat and Sun(1 hour lunch break)
    1. Meet u up in the airport.
    2. 1 week s free hotel accommodation
    3. We offer an accommodation subsidy
    4. Sponsor Working Visa.
    5-10 paid vacation days per year.

    1.Native English speakers with standard pronunciation
    2.Bachelor Degree holders PREFERED .
    Haidian District Jobs | Easy English
    ID:213995| 2014/09/02/11点
  • Hebei Jobs > EDU

    EF Shijiangzhuang is looking for several junior English teachers, Interns or Trainees, who can start working in Shijiazhuang Aug 2014, if you do not have English teaching experience, also ok.

    Intern and trainee also welcome

    1, candidates must have a foreign university diploma, come from English-speaking countries.
    2, the contract -at least one year.
    3, age 22-40 years old, English teaching work experience is preferred, but not must.
    4 in good health conditioin
    5 TEFL certificate holders preferred

    About this job:
    1 not exceed 20 hours per week
    2 Courses: Engl...
    Shijiazhuang Jobs | EF Shijiazhuang
    ID:214736| 2014/09/02/11点

  • Korean Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing
    Full-Time — Shenzhen, CHINA

    The Digital Marketing team at OnePlus aims to implement thrilling marketing solutions to help connect our brand and products to target specific audiences on different platforms. From forums to social media, the Korean Marketing Specialist is a skilled translator, content creator and community manager whose job is to create and adapt marketing campaigns for the South Korean market through the different channels available.

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    • Build and execute marketing stra...
    Shenzhen Jobs | OnePlus in Shenzhen
    ID:214735| 2014/09/02/08点

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