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About HelpX 

HelpX is your personal assistant on WeChat and helps you with ANYTHING related to expats' life in China.
> It's cheap - because you are only charged by the minute. 
(No transaction fee, Cancel & full refund anytime).
> It's fast and efficient - because we have full-time bilingual assistants to help you.  
> It's super reliable - built on the 4oks platform with all funds secured by the OK!Escrow Payment Service.



HelpX Services

> Order food (2-5 minutes)

> Order flowers (3-5 minutes)  

> Hire an Aiyi (20-30 minutes)  

> Book a Flight/Hotel (15-20 minutes)  

> Buy Movie/Concert Tickets (20-30 minutes)  

> Make a Reservation (3-5 minutes)  

> Move to a New Apartment (30-40 minutes)  

> Online Shopping  

> Sourcing/Trade Research  

> Finding a Job  

> Finding a Date/Spouse  

> Verifying Trustworthiness of a Company/Person




HelpX prices are so low and so flexible - because we only charge you by the minute.   



Find out exactly how HelpX works and how it truly, easily, and efficiently helps you.   



HelpX is your own personal assistant, making your life in China much, much easier!  Just tell us what you need - and we will do it for you right away!  


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